Children reinvent your world for you.

Postnatal services offered by a Doula are often likened to those services which would be offered by a "Mother's help" or "Maternity Nurse" but mainly fulfilled by family members if family live near-by. With modern families living further apart this family support is not always a possibility.

Postnatally, generally for a period of 6 weeks following birth although this is flexible, I will attend your home and support you throught the challenges a new baby can bring. I can support you with breastfeeding, allow you to have a nap or bath whilst I care for your child, try to answer questions you have about your new baby or direct you to sources of information.

I am also able to offer an emotional support and listening ear which can be particularlly helpful if you have no close female relatives. I am happy to take the baby out for a walk or attend appointments with you and the baby if appropriate.

Around the house I am happy to cook, catch up on laundry, load and unload the dishwasher, tidy and hoover and change or make beds. I am happy to run errands and do shopping, I am also happy to do the "school run" if required and help older children with their homework, again if appropriate.

I generally work mornings or afternoons, again this is flexible depending on your needs. For example, many breastfed babies can have a fussy period in the evening when it may be helpful to have a little extra support. Usually the amount of time I spend with a family is greater at the beginning of a contracted period and than towards the end as I find that once a pattern has been established my support is needed less and less.

Fees for my support as a Postnatal Doula are £15 per hour. Please contact me for a no obligation consultation to discuss your needs.

Please contact me if you are interested in working with a Postnatal Doula but feel that cost may be an issue. I am happy to discuss options and alternatives and believe in working with families who need support rather than just those who can pay for support.