A pre-packed maternity bag ready to "grab and go" when the time to leave for the hospital arrives.

The maternity bag contains carefully selected items that both you and your new baby will need for a 48 hour stay in hospital, just add clothing for mummy. Both mummy and baby items are of the highest quality and will ensure your stay in hospital is comfortable. Items can be used in hospital and once you get home.


Items included are:

For Mummy

12 disposable breast pads, 8 maternity pads, hair brush, 2 hair ties, anti-bacterial hand gel, 2 cotton flannels, 1 shower cap, 1 travel toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

For Baby  2 white 100% cotton 0-3 months vests, 2 white 100% cotton 0-3 months sleep suits, 2 pairs of white 100%cotton scratch mitts, 3 white bibs, 3 white muslins, super soft cotton wool and a pack of newborn nappies.

The standard maternity bag is available at a cost of £45

Optional extras can be added at the time or ordering.These include:

Nipple Cream - an additional cost of £10
Hand knitted cardigan and hat set for baby in pink, blue or yellow - an additional cost of £8
6 Muslins in white, pink or blue - an additional cost of £8
Bottle of natural oil for use as baby moisturiser and massage medium - an additional cost of £5